Who is Breen?

Breen Color is a company FOCUSED on Consistency, Value and Service.  Since its inception in 1976, Breen Color has been committed to providing custom color and additive concentrates to the plastic industry. The company has grown in size and capability and has established itself as an industry leading supplier of plastic colorants. 

You can rely on Breen Color to create custom color and additive concentrates that meet your physical specifications and performance requirements.  Breen Color’s formulating and manufacturing expertise can provide you with the right product to meet your criteria. 


Flexibility:  Breen’s FLEXIBILITY and responsiveness are a key attribute of our service.  From equipment setup to personnel staffing and training, Breen is organized to effectively handle tasks of all sizes.  New color match requests are routinely completed on a timely manner providing a fast response to the customers’ needs.

OptimizationOPTIMIZATION of raw materials, formulations and process equipment ensures maximum dispersion, superior cost effectiveness and color uniformity in all products.

Commitment:  Breen’s COMMITMENT to its customers is to continue meeting both the current and future challenges of the plastics industry through continued investments in personnel, physical resources and technology, thereby supporting Breen’s growing business and providing its customers with the product and services they need to surpass their respective business goals.

Uniformity:  Assured in all aspects of Breen’s business, UNIFORMITY is a critical element of the company’s recognition as a leader in the plastics industry.  Breen utilizes only certified vendors and all raw materials are verified against standard specifications.  All products are verified for conformance to specifications before they are shipped.  Breen’s laboratories utilize state-of-the art equipment and testing instruments to enhance the speed, accuracy and reliability of its color-matching and quality-control programs.

Service:  Breen’s dedication to providing superior SERVICE is a core competency which has been noticed and recognized by its customers for several decades.

Experience:  Breen’s 30+ years EXPERIENCE has created an optimum blend of extensive formulation technology, manufacturing reliability, cost-effective products and application knowledge.  Supported by a staff comprised of experienced employees, Breen is well positioned to meet the long-term needs of its customers.

Dependability:  Breen Color means DEPENDABILITY!  You can rely on priority attention to rush orders, new product development, color matches and product modifications.  Consistent product and service quality are cornerstones of our Quality Management System.