Founded in 1976, Breen Color supplies color and additive concentrates to diverse niche markets including Wire & Cable, Injection & Extrusion Molding, Blow-molding, Compounding and Roto-molding. Since it’s inception, Breen has grown in size and capability and has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of plastic colorants. In 2009, Breen purchased Teknor Color Concentrate’s PVC portfolio; thus, adding to Breen’s diverse product portfolio and market reach. Breen has built its reputation on a proven track record for reliable service, quality and technical support. Recognized for providing "quick response" and being "highly flexible" in meeting customer’s color needs by providing same day color match turnaround when needed, small lot availability of custom mix colors and color plaques based on multiple resin platforms.  Today, Breen has earned the reputation for superior quality products and a solution focused customer value proposition.