The Wire and Cable Manufacturers Alliance (WCMA) banquet


On April 24, 2010 Lori Parent, Breen’s Northeast Regional Sales Manager, was presented the Charles D. Scott Distinguished Career award by The Wire and Cable Manufacturers Alliance (WCMA), during their annual banquet at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. The Distinguished Career Award was established in 1985 by the New England Wire & Cable Club and Dick Callahan to give public recognition to individuals in the wire and cable industry who have served for a minimum of 25 years and demonstrated outstanding professional acumen along with personal attributes of exceptional degree during that time.

Lori is current the Northeast Regional Sales Manager for Breen. Her past positions in the industry include Communication Cable, Brand-Rex, Teledyne Thermatics, and Judd Wire.  She held responsibilities for wire and cable editorial with CRU International and served as the First Woman President of the New England Chapter Wire Association International (WAI) 2007 where she continues to work promoting the industry through committees and membership.